Geezer Butler Is Prohibited From Talking To Ozzy Osbourne

Former Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler has recently shared details about his current relationship with ex-bandmate Ozzy Osbourne in an interview with Classic Rock. According to Butler, he’s no longer in contact with Osbourne because he is not allowed to do so. In his words:

“I haven’t spoken to Ozzy since the last [Sabbath] gig [on February 4, 2017]. Osbourne and Gloria [Butler, Geezer’s wife] fell out, and that was it; we’re not allowed to speak to each other by command of our wives. I’ve seen Tony [Iommi] a couple of times. We got given a lifetime Grammy in 2019, and that was the last time I saw Bill [Ward].”

Still, the retired musician recalled his memories with Osbourne during the chat. Revealing the story of their first meeting in his pre-Sabbath era, he told the interviewer:

“When he first came round to our house, one of my brothers answered the knock at the door. My brother came into the front room and told me, ‘There’s something for you at the door.’ When I asked him what he meant by ‘something,’ he said, ‘You’ll see.'”

His words went on:

“I opened the door, and there was Ozzy. He had a haircut that was only a bit longer than a skinhead. He was wearing his dad’s toolmaker’s work gown. He’d a chimney sweeps brush over his shoulder, no shoes on his feet, but he was holding one shoe on a dog lead. It was pissing down with rain, too. I just burst out laughing at him.”

Geezer Butler’s autobiography, ‘Into the Void: From Birth to Black Sabbath – and Beyond,’ where he recounts his time with the band, came out on June 6.

You can check out the former Black Sabbath bassist’s interview with Classic Rock here.