Geezer Butler Admits Seeing Ronnie James Dio Replacing Ozzy Osbourne Was ‘Strange’

Geezer Butler‘s upcoming autobiography, ‘Into The Void: From Birth To Black Sabbath – And Beyond,’ will hit the shelves on June 6 in North America. Ahead of this event, the bass player had a chat with the ‘Far Beyond Metal’ podcast, touching on his ride with Black Sabbath and the time when Ronnie James Dio took over from Ozzy Osbourne.

At one point during the interview, when he was asked whether it was strange to see different people on stage, the bassist explained:

“It was at first when Dio came in. ‘Cause Ozzy would be running all over the stage and getting clapping, getting everybody up. Ronnie was much more serious, more into his – putting his personality over kind of thing.”

Despite the initial weirdness, Butler quickly warmed up to Dio and the energy he brought to the band. During another conversation with Billboard in 2021, he even mentioned how the late singer and drummer Vinny Appice breathed new life into Black Sabbath during a tough time.

The bassist’s words read:

“[Ronnie and Vinny] brought massive enthusiasm back to the band. We were on our last legs kind of thing after Ozzy went. We were almost thinking about breaking up. But Ronnie brought incredible enthusiasm with him; He could play guitar and bass and put over his ideas instrumentally as well as vocally.

He was brilliant to write with, too…Vinny was the same way. Ronnie knew him and asked him to come down and rehearse with us, and he fitted in straight away, so we carried on.”

Black Sabbath released two albums during Dio’s run with the band, called ‘Mob Rules’ and ‘Heaven and Hell.’ The two records’ remastered deluxe versions were released in November 2022.