What Does Geezer Butler Really Think Of Ozzy Osbourne, The Bassist Reveals

Former Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler recently made an appearance on The Rock Experience with Mike Brunn to discuss his new book ‘Into The Void.’ While speaking about the book and his experiences with Black Sabbath, he shared his view of Ozzy Osbourne as ‘a musical genius.’

During the chat, the interviewer referred to some parts in Butler’s book, where Osbourne was credited for the Black Sabbath melodies. Then, he asked the bassist if there was a time he didn’t like his former bandmate‘s work and chose to change it.

In response, he said:

“No, not at all. I always thought Ozzy was a genius for coming up with the melodies that he did. Especially on songs like ‘Black Sabbath,’ which is like – It must have been so hard. It was natural for him, but it’s this very strange song to sing, to make up a melody to sing to. And he was always brilliant at doing that.”

The lyricist further explained how Osbourne’s work made his job easier, adding:

“He usually wrote off the top of his head. He’d come out with his great melodies. I think that’s what made it easy for me too. ‘Cause there was so much emotion in it; so much feeling that he used to put in it that it was easy for me to put the lyrics to it.”

Later in the interview, the focus moved to Butler himself. The retired musician was asked if he felt that he got as much credit as Osbourne and Tony Iommi for his work in the band, to which his answer followed:

“Yeah, I think people that know Sabbath, you know, always – They know that I was the lyricist, and a lot of bands have cited – Especially bass players seem to cite me as one of their main influences, and a lot of the lyrical ideas that bands come out with stem from early Sabbath stuff.”

Currently, Geezer Butler has different relationships with his former bandmates. A few weeks before this chat, he talked to Ultimate Classic Rock and told them that he was still in touch with Iommi but didn’t talk to Osbourne at all.

You can watch his recent interview in the video below.