Gary Holt On Kirk Hammett’s Departure From Exodus, ‘We Had A Big Party For Him’

During a recent fan Q&A, Exodus and Slayer guitarist, Gary Holt was asked about how he reacted to Kirk Hammett’s decision to leave Exodus in 1983 to become a member of Metallica and revealed that it initially made him really angry.

As you know, Gary Holt is one of the most well-known guitarists of the past decades, and he achieved worldwide fame as the lead guitarist and main songwriter of Exodus, which is known to be one of the big eight thrash metal bands, alongside Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Testament, Anthrax, Death Angel, and Overkill.

In 2011, Gary Holt became the guitarist of two of the ‘big eight’ as he was hired by Slayer to fill in for Jeff Hanneman. However, he never left the band that he co-founded in 1979 like his former bandmate Kirk Hammett did when he was given the chance to join Metallica.

During the recent Q&A, Gary Holt was asked how he felt upon Hammett’s decision to quit the band that he co-founded and he said that it initially made him very angry but his negative feelings soon turned to positive ones and they even threw a big party for him. The fact that Exodus had become his band now made him really happy and gave him the liberty to explore a more ‘violent’ sound.

Here’s what Gary Holt responded when asked about how he felt upon Kirk Hammett’s departure:

“How did I feel when Kirk left? Was I happy? Did I start practicing more? Was I pissed?

We were pissed for a minute, and then we were happy, and we had a big party for him. And I already practiced hours and hours a day, and I was kind of happy after the initial thing because it was my band now, and we got violent.”

You can check out the whole Q&A below.