Paris Jackson Reacts To Accusations About Father Michael Jackson’s Legacy

Paris Jackson recently took to Twitter and answered a couple of questions. When someone asked how it’s been for her living off of her father, Michael Jackson, the model, actress, and singer replied:

“How’s spending all your time on an account dedicated to people you’ve never met responding to every single thing a 25 year old posts on both Instagram and Twitter instead of contributing any ounce of love or light to the stream of life to any capacity?”

Showing how she felt in the face of questions about her father and financial situation with her answer, Jackson has actually been keeping busy with her music career. The singer has released ‘Bandaid’ and ‘Just You’ over the past year not to mention her latest single ‘Hit Your Knees.

Paris also just kicked off a tour with Incubus, this past Friday at Ozarks Amphitheater in Missouri and will wrap up on October 6th at the historic Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Besides her finances, Paris also answered a question about her aunt Janet Jackson. When another Twitter user asked if she had a problem with her aunt, Paris wrote:

“With all due respect.. nev·er /ˈnevər/ adverb 1. at no time in the past or future; on no occasion, not ever. Please learn to use this word correctly. I love my family.”

You can read Paris Jackson’s tweets and listen to ‘Hit Your Knees’ below.