Gary Cherone Says Alex Van Halen Has The Final Word On Eddie Van Halen Tribute Show

During a recent conversation on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Extreme frontman and former Van Halen singer Gary Cherone stated that it is up to Alex Van Halen to decide whether there will be an Eddie Van Halen tribute tour.

A possible Van Halen tribute tour is a topic that has been on the agenda for a while. First put into words by Jason Newsted during an interview with The Palm Beach Post, even its possibility created a tremendous impression on the media. The bassist revealed he talked and jammed with Alex Van Halen and Joe Satriani, yet he declined to participate since he could never do justice to the band’s legacy.

Following the bassist’s statements, Joe Satriani accepted that he had also talked with Alex Van Halen and David Lee Roth, but nothing was certain. The guitarist said he was ready to take that challenge, although it sounded pretty challenging. Then, DLR took the stage and suggested going on the tour with two people to fill each position. Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony also spoke about it by saying that it all depended on Alex Van Halen, but he was not sure whether the drummer felt ready for a possible tour.

As a former Van Halen member, Gary Cherone also discussed this hot topic in a new conversation. The singer said he would be glad to participate in such an important event if anyone invited him. However, Cherone thinks it is more about the guitar players than the singers because it would be an Eddie Van Halen tribute. The first names that come to his mind are Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. The rocker also made it clear that it is all up to Alex Van Halen at the end of the day. He will have the last decision on whether there will be a tribute tour.

Gary Cherone speaking on a possible Eddie Van Halen tribute tour:

“I think the singers are secondary. This is an Eddie Van Halen tribute, so it’s all Eddie’s disciples. Or whatever, not even Eddie’s disciples but the hierarchy of guitar players you think of Vai and Satriani. At the end of the day, I think Alex will have the final word on it whether he wants to do it. If it happens, it will be great.”

You can listen to the entire podcast below.