Stefan Olsdal On David Bowie’s Admiration For Placebo


Placebo bassist Stefan Olsdal recently appeared in an interview with Guitar World and revealed how David Bowie‘s admiration for the band made them feel more substantial.

Upon releasing the self-titled debut album in 1996, Placebo became a part of the rock scene. The band immediately gained significant recognition with this record as a commercial success. The album reached number 5 on the UK Albums Chart. Primarily, after the single ‘Nancy Boy‘ got a large audience, the group took considerable attention.

Besides Placebo fans, the song also impressed other significant musicians in the rock scene. David Bowie was one of them who praised the success of the track. Bowie invited the group to make the opening of a few concerts of him in 1996. Later, the rocker asked them again to take the stage at his 50th birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden in New York.

While the band was on tour with Stabbing Westward in 1998, Bowie attended the band as a special guest during Placebo’s stop in New York. The band also performed their song ’20th Century Boy’ live with Bowie in 1999 during the Brit Awards ceremony. Bowie’s support for the group continued in the following years. He dueted with the band in their single ‘Without You I’m Nothing.’

Recently, the bassist Stefan Olsdal stated that they were continuing their way with self-confidence in the years they achieved massive success. According to the rocker, Bowie’s admiration and support for the band is something that still has a significant impact on them even now. Bowie contributed to their confidence to keep going on what they wanted to do, as the bassist noted.

Stefan Olsdal explained the following about David Bowie:

“To protect ourselves from being in awe and paralyzed, we let ourselves ride on our confidence. Things were going our way. The moments we shared with Bowie, the little tidbits of advice, they’ve all stuck with us. There was a magnitude to his presence, and having him want to work with us was an affirmation that gave us the confidence to keep going.”

You can listen to ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ below.