Fred Durst’s Only Priority While Writing Lyrics

Fred Durst’s passion for music started in his younger years, and eventually, his creativity and enthusiasm helped him lay the foundation stone of Limp Bizkit after deciding to combine rock and hip hop elements. He has created songs that have left a lasting impression on his fans, and he has been praised for his lyrics and voice that can explore and convey many emotions.

Although the vocalist has reached a broad audience and won people’s affection over time, he has continued on this path with the pain he carries inside, which he channels in his songs. As he has mentioned many times, he was exposed to mental and psychological abuse throughout his life, which affected his personality. Therefore his priority while writing lyrics was to connect with people like him and share his own experiences.

Fred Durst Wanted To Reach People Who Felt Like Him

Despite his energetic and enthusiastic personality, Durst also carries a sadness rooted in the traumas he has experienced throughout his life. These mental and physical abuse traumas were intensified after he achieved worldwide fame, as many broke his trust, and he became an ‘isolationist.‘ In his lyrics, the songwriter has often explored the reaction to being bullied, which he has derived from personal experiences.

As he revealed in a past interview with Metal Hammer, Fred Durst created his lyrics without thinking much in the first place. He indicated that he wanted his songs to touch the ‘victims’ who had similar experiences. The singer also wished he had made the songs’ meanings more apparent as he was aware that some of his listeners could be classified as offenders.

He pointed out that if he had a chance to change things, he would have wanted to reflect on his traumatic experiences more clearly and separate the bullies from the victims. Durst noted that being listened to by bullies while he has been trying to reach the victims is one of the biggest ironies of his life.

Fred Durst said the following about his songwriting:

“I never know what I’m saying; I just say it. So maybe my lyrics weren’t so thought out. And though I think I’m aware at the moment, I’m really not. I always wanted my lyrics to be for people who felt maybe like I did, for victims. I should have made it more blatantly obvious because some of our audience and our fans were not those people.

They were the nemesis, they were the opposite, they were the people that I despised, and if I change anything, it would probably be to make things a little more clear about where I was coming from, trying to segregate the bullies from the victims. The irony of my life is on a stupendous level.”

It seems like Fred Durst’s pain and increasing distrust of people over the years have affected his career as well as his personality. The singer has tried to reach the people who feel like him through his lyrics reflecting his harrowing experiences, and it seems like being listened to by people he ‘despises’ is one of the things that upset him the most.