Elton John Praises Lil Nas X By Saying ‘He Is An Amazing Artist’


British pop legend Elton John has recently received the Icon Award in the iHeartRadio Music Awards and as he accepted the award he took the time to praise songwriter and rapper Lil Nas X saying that he is an amazing artist. 

As he was accepting the award, John talked about being on the radio and said that in England they only had one channel and he was very humbled when he came to America for the first time. He also added that he still covers new artists.

He said that he will continue to promote new artists as they need exposure like the radio. He continued by saying that he had his time and he is glad that they still play his songs. He praised Lil Nas X by saying he was a great artist and has got balls of steel.

Lil Nas X is making music and creating music videos that are controversial to many people. His music video for Montero(Call Me By Your Name), which expresses the story of a non-heterosexual person, became viral soon after its release. While many people criticized his work, it was also praised by other artists and Elton John was one of the people who supported him.

When it was Lil Nas X’s turn to make a speech, he said, people can live their lives as they want thanks to Elton John and added he is a role model even if he does not want to be. He stated that John inspired him to be just himself.

Here is what he said during the speech:

“I’m very humbled because when I first came to Los Angeles in 1970, radio was so important. I’d never heard of radio in America before because I’ve never been here before, but it was just incredible to me. In England, we had one station. Being played on the radio, for the first time, you hear yourself and you’re so excited. What this award means is that I still cover new artists.

That’s what my life’s about now. And when I do my shows, I try and promote young artists because they need exposure, they need the radio. I’ve had my time, as they say. I’m still glad people play my records, and I love that. He is a wonderful artist and has balls of steel. Thank you for all your loyalty and love.”

Here is Lil Nas X’s speech about Elton John:

“To me, he’s a trailblazer who paved the way for people to live their lives freely and unapologetically. He’s inspired me and so many other people by just being himself, being larger than life, flashy, and fearless, especially when he’s in front of that piano. On behalf of all the people around the world you have inspired, Thank you. Even if you didn’t need to be a role model, you are.”

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