Frank Bello Shares The Rush Song Geddy Lee Displayed His Ultimate Bass Playing

Artists might look for inspiration in the works of other bands, and in Frank Bello’s case, one of the fellow bassists who influenced him was Rush’s Geddy Lee. Bello discussed how Lee’s bass playing inspired him while speaking to Guitar World and revealed in which Rush song the frontman displayed his ultimate bass playing.

“Geddy Lee is one of my biggest influences,” told Bello as he mentioned Lee’s sound’s harmony with the drums. “The intricacy of his scales and the synching-up with the drums really add up to a celebration of the bass. The ‘Moving Pictures’ album is so inspiring to me to this day, and when I listen to a song like ‘YYZ,’ I have to pick up my bass and play.”

He continued by emphasizing that Rush’s musical harmony wasn’t the product of a thought process. “The bass is meant to be played like that, and I just have to follow it. Synching the bass and drums, as Rush do, is not a thought process; it’s just a natural talent. I was just listening to it the other day, and it’s beautiful.”

Bello discussed various bassists’ influence on him, from Cheap Trick’s Tom Petersson to Paul McCartney. Still, he especially pointed out the harmony Rush members had with their instruments and how natural it was for them to play delicately. To him, ‘YYZ’ is still the song that encourages him to take his bass and play along with Lee.

Throughout their career, we could say that Rush members preferred not to go through the classic, drug-infused rock and roll lifestyle and didn’t have many personal disputes. The harmony the band had was also apparent in their personal lives, and maybe that was why they were able to perform with such ease.