Frank Bello Says His Brother Was Murdered And The Only Witness To The Killer Withdrew His Testimony

Bassist of the heavy metal band, Anthrax, Frank Bello announced the pre-order of his upcoming autobiographical book, ‘Fathers, Brothers, And Sons: Surviving Anguish, Abandonment, And Anthrax’ with writing a short summary of the story of his life including his brother’s death on his Instagram account.

As you may remember, Anthrax members were celebrating their fortieth-year anniversary by releasing different episodes which reflects the memories of the band including special guest stars such as Slash, Chuck D, Corey Taylor, Dave Grohl, Dave Mustaine, Gary Holt, Gene Simmons with many more. The episodes drew great attention of Anthrax fans and they will continue to be shared until July 12, 2021.

In addition to his distinguished professional career in Anthrax, Frank Bello also became a co-writer of his memoir. The book was entitled ‘Fathers, Brothers, And Sons: Surviving Anguish, Abandonment, And Anthrax’ along with Joel McIver. The book consisted of a foreword from KISS legend, Gene Simmons. Recently, Bello revealed that his upcoming book will be released in May 2021.

In his book, he shared the story of his childhood full of poverty, loneliness, and countless challenges. His father left him and his four siblings and their mother worked a lot to give them a better life. He stated that he found happiness and inspiration by being a member of Anthrax. However, the happiness didn’t last long. His brother was murdered and the only witness decided not to give the testimony against the murderer. He added that he didn’t write to make people pity him. It was a tribute to beloved ones.

Here’s what he wrote:

“I was one in a family of five, growing up in challenging circumstances. When my father took off and abandoned us, my mother and family moved heaven and earth to keep us fed and educated. As I had no male role model, I found inspiration in – believe it or not – heavy metal bass players, and began to forge a career with Anthrax, first as a guitar tech, and then as the group’s bass player. When I was in my mid-20s, Anthrax experienced international success, but then the roof caved in again in 1996 when my brother was murdered.”

He went on:

“And although the case went to trial, the only witness to the killer withdrew his testimony. I write this not for you to feel sympathy for me, but because, now as the father of a young son, I ask myself about the meaning of fatherhood and how to do the job well, something that’s so important to me for my son. This is the wisdom that my book, “Fathers, Brothers, and Sons” dives into. It’s actually a funny, entertaining read, it’s not preachy, and again, I’m not looking for sympathy, I just wanted to pass on the wisdom that I gained from a lifetime of turbulence, and by paying tribute to loved ones in a way that will resonate with them.
This is my story. To preorder your signed hardcover copy link in bio. thank you, my friends, Frank.”

You can see the photo below:

Photo Credit: Frank Bello – Instagram