Formula 1’s ‘Foo’ Message Goes Viral On Twitter, Foo Fighters React

Foo Fighters commented on the recent Formula 1 incident that involved the band’s name which went viral and they shared their ideas about whether Formula 1 is a fan of the band or not.

As you may remember, Foo Fighters had to face a serious backlash from the anti-vaxxers on social media after the announcement of the band’s live show at Madison Square Garden. The reason behind this harsh criticism was the discrimination against the people who didn’t get the vaccine as the participants had to show a vaccination document to attend the concert.

However, it seems that Foo Fighters made peace with their fans who had reacted to this obligation by writing harsh comments on different social media platforms. Recently, thousands of fans started tagging both Formula 1’s and Foo Fighters’ official Twitter accounts after they received a message that read ‘Foo’ from Formula 1’s application.

The band reacted to this incident by tagging Formula 1 and asking ‘yes?’ but they still haven’t received an answer. With their recent tweet, Foo Fighters answered one of their fans’ question about whether Formula 1 is a fan of the band or not. Their reaction was ‘yes’ with a question mark and this interaction went viral on Twitter.

A fan’s tweet read as follows:


Another fan’s tweet was written like that:

“Formula 1! Are you all Foo Fighters fans? Me too!”

Foo Fighters responded:


You can see the tweets below.