Alice Cooper Says There Was No Bad Blood Between Him And His Original Band

In a recent public Q&A at the Motor City Comic Con, Alice Cooper talked to UCR and shared that he and his original bandmates, guitarist Michael Bruce, bassist Dennis Dunaway, and drummer Neal Smith never had a messy fallout.

The original Alice Cooper members have slowly but surely been creeping into albums. They have been singing and writing with the singer once again, as they contributed to ‘Paranormal’ in 2017 and last year’s ‘Detroit Stories.’ Now the guys are closer than ever, as they have been working on different songs and future projects.

Cooper shared that their band ‘didn’t get divorced,’ but instead, they just took a break. He added that they worked on hit songs like ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ and ‘School’s Out,’ which were massive records, but after ‘Muscle of Love’ came out, they didn’t receive the attention they had gotten used to. Cooper assumed that their hit-making era had ended, and that was the end of their working relationship.

However, they always kept in contact. There wasn’t any bad blood between them as they were best friends as they had spent so much time together in the studio and on the road. The Godfather of Shock Rock added that he would always call them up if he needed their talent, and they would be included in the process one way or another.

Alice Cooper’s words about his relationship with the original band:

Our band didn’t get divorced; we just separated. We hit an area after ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ and ‘School’s Out’; those were giant records. We did ‘Muscle of Love’ – that didn’t quite get there. It was Top 10, but it wasn’t up there like we wanted it to be, and I felt that the band was disjointed. I thought that we had hit our peak.

But we always did stay in touch with each other. There was no bad blood between us or anybody in the band. They were my best friends. I’d call Dennis, ‘Dennis, I need you to play bass on this.’ ‘OK, I’ll be down there.’ ‘Neal, play drums on this,’ or I’d want to write a song with them. I always like including them, one way or another.”

It doesn’t seem like the rocker has any plans to slow down anytime soon. Alice will be in Dallas on October 29, where he’ll be a special guest at a concert of the original Misfits at Dos Equis Pavilion. He’s also announced his 20th annual Christmas Pudding benefit and various shows that aim to raise money for his Solid Rock teen centers in Arizona.