Foo Fighters Hint At A New Song, Fans Wonder Who The New Drummer Is

Hold on to your drumsticks, Foo Fighters fans! The legendary rock band just dropped a tantalizing teaser on Instagram, hinting at a brand-new song. While the musical snippet has already got us all excited, the burning question remains: who’s the new drummer?

As we all know, the Foo Fighters have had a challenging year with the tragic loss of their phenomenal drummer, Taylor Hawkins, who passed away at the age of 50 in March 2022. Initially canceling all concerts to grieve and regroup, the band ultimately decided to soldier on and continue rocking the world in Taylor’s memory. Although they’ve held concerts since then, the band hasn’t released any new material… until now.

In a post that’s got everyone talking, Foo Fighters shared a short clip from their upcoming song on Instagram. With no caption or explanation, fans were left to speculate and, of course, wonder who would be filling the massive shoes left behind by the late, great Taylor Hawkins.

A year after Hawkins’ untimely death, the band began auditions to find a new drummer, sparking a flurry of rumors. Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron was one name that floated around back then, but he quickly refuted the claims, leaving us all in the dark once more.

Now, as fans, we’re a curious bunch, and speculation has run rampant. Some believe that Dave Grohl himself played the drum parts in the new song, while others think that Taylor Hawkins’ son, Shane, could be stepping up to continue his father’s legacy. There are also entirely different names rumored, like Rufus Taylor, but none of them are confirmed, which only fuels our curiosity.

While taking a guess, one fan wrote:

“I’m thinking: Who is the new drummer? I hope it is Shane.”

And another one expressed:

“It’s definitely Dave drumming; think of the lengths he went to find Taylor in the beginning. They aren’t gonna replace him, especially this soon. RIP, king.”

With all the speculation and opinions flying around, we still don’t know for sure who the new drummer is. But one thing’s for certain: Foo Fighters know how to keep us on the edge of our seats. Let’s all eagerly await the band’s next move and hope that the announcement comes soon. In the meantime, keep rocking, and remember: the beat goes on!