Foo Fighters Compete With Cage The Elephant To Get A Better Rank In Billboard Chart

Foo Fighters is seen competing avidly for a better place in the Most Top-10s of Billboard’s Rock & Alternative Airplay chart with the band Cage The Elephant.

As you may know, Foo Fighters released their new album ‘Hail Satin’ on the Record Store Day on July 17. The album can be considered as the introduction of the band’s new alter-ego named by the band ‘Dee Gees,’ making them a Bee Gees tribute band as the record consists of five covers of Bee Gees songs along with reworked tracks from their ‘Medicine At Midnight.’ ‘Medicine At Midnight’ is the band’s tenth album, released on February 5, 2021, which received positive reviews in general and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Cage The Elephant, Foo Fighter’s rival on the Most Top-10s chart, was formed in 2006 as a rock band and released their commercially successful self-titled first album in 2008. They then released their second album titled ‘Thank You, Happy Birthday,’ which was heavily influenced by punk rock and the bands Pixies and Nirvana. Their fifth and latest studio album ‘Social Cues’ was released in 2019 and helped the band win the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album for the second time after their 2017 record ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty.’

According to Billboard, the two bands are proud of their spots on the Most Top-10 list of Billboard’s Rock & Alternative Airplay chart with 13 chart-toppers. Billboard stated that Foo Fighters tied an all-time top 10 mark on Billboard’s charts for the second week in a row, as the single ‘Making A Fire’ from the band’s album ‘Medicine At Midnight’ got to number 8 from number 14 on the Rock & Alternative Airplay chart as of July 24.

This result contributed to Foo Fighter’s top-10’s history, being their 13th track to be featured on the list. They also became rivals for a higher place on the list with the band Cage The Elephant as they also have 13 chart-toppers since the list began in June 2009.

As Billboard reports, the number of chart-toppers on the Most Top 10’s List of Rock & Alternative Airplay Chart is as follows:

13, Cage the Elephant
13, Foo Fighters
12, Shinedown
12, Twenty One pilots
10, The Black Keys
10, Imagine Dragons
10, Muse
8, Coldplay
8, Rise Against
8, Weezer.”

As for now, Foo Fighters are busy making and experimenting with new music while Cage The Elephant seems to not be working on new projects. Therefore, the list might change in the future for the benefit of The Foos.