Fleetwood Mac Singer Christine McVie’s Cause Of Death Is Revealed

Fleetwood Mac‘s co-lead vocalist and keyboardist Christine McVie, who was the creator of some of the band’s biggest hits, passed away on November 30, 2022, after a brief illness. The cause of death was recently revealed as a massive stroke by the Blast, which was brought on by an aggressive form of cancer that had spread throughout her body.

The cancer was classified as ‘metastatic malignancy of unknown primary origin,’ which indicates that the tumor’s location could not be determined. The stroke was caused by a blood clot that blocked an artery leading to her brain, and she was also suffering from atrial fibrillation, a heart arrhythmia. In June 2022, McVie had revealed she was trying to recover from scoliosis.

McVie’s death certificate, which was filed as part of the settlement of her estate, revealed the circumstances surrounding her passing. This incident also serves as a reminder of the importance of regular health checkups and early detection of cancer, which can help prevent it from spreading throughout the body.

Christine McVie’s passing was mourned by her Fleetwood Mac bandmates, who issued a statement on Twitter praising her unique talent and friendship. McVie had joined the band in 1970 and played a significant role in their success with her musical contributions. She left the band after their 1998 reunion tour but returned in 2014 and played with them until 2019. In addition to her time with Fleetwood Mac, she also had a solo career and collaborated with Lindsey Buckingham on an album in 2017.

The late musician’s legacy will continue to live on through her music and the memories she created with her bandmates and fans. Her passing is a loss to the music industry and those who loved her, but her contributions to rock music will be cherished for years to come. Rest in peace, Christine McVie.