The Often-Ignored Reality About Metallica’s St. Anger Album Which Shows Kirk Hammett Was Right

Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett once wasn’t agreed with an opinion with his other band members during the creation of the band’s ‘St. Anger’ album which was heavily criticized by numerous aspects, and there is a video clip from their documentary, ‘Metallica: Some Kind of Monster’ that proves Hammett’s justice about the controversial ‘guitar solo’ part of the album.

As many of you might already know, ‘St. Anger’ is the eighth studio album of Metallica which was released on June 5, 2003. Because of being a Metallica album, it debuted at the top of sales charts in 14 countries, including the US Billboard 200, however, that didn’t change the fact that the album is still regarded as one of the worst albums of the band due to its raw production without actual guitar solos which made it sound nothing like a Metallica album.

There was also a documentary film about the development of the 2003 album, sharing the same name with a track from it, ‘Metallica: Some Kind of Monster,’ in which the recording sessions, the creation progress, and the relationship within the band members were all revealed.

There is specific footage from the documentary that reveals a conflict between Metallica members about the album, especially for the guitar solo part. While Kirk Hammett defended the fact that the album should include somewhat of a guitar solo, drummer Lars Ulrich and record producer Bob Rock thought the other way around.

Since the decision of not giving guitar solos a place in ‘St. Anger’ was probably one of the worst choices of Metallica throughout their career, nearly every fan shared a comment under the video stressing the fact that it was Kirk Hammett they should’ve listened to when it comes to guitar solos.

Here is the most liked comment:

“Years later looking back… Kirk was totally right.”

Here is another:

“17 years later, Kirk was 100% correct!!!”

You can see the YouTube video below.