Wolfgang Van Halen Names His Father Eddie’s Favorite AC/DC Album


Mammoth WVH founder Wolf Van Halen recently revealed his father Eddie’s favorite AC/DC album which started his interest in the band in the first place. However, Wolf also mentioned the divergency he had with his father about choosing their favorite records of AC/DC.

Wolf Van Halen became an important figure in the rock and roll industry with his impeccable musical talents. With the release of Mammoth WVH’s debut album, he proved that he can play every instrument himself and to be the son of one of the most iconic guitarists is only the cherry on top of his career. After his father, Eddie Van Halen died in 2020, he managed to establish a successful career by creating Mammoth WVH. He is currently considered as one of the newcomers to new generation rock and roll.

Even though Wolf insists on making a name for himself, the world is still not over Eddie’s passing. He constantly gets comments on social media, often criticizing him for not singing Van Halen songs in his shows. Wolf usually responds with reasonable comebacks and resists hanging onto Eddie’s coattails for his future career. However, this doesn’t hold him back from mentioning him from time to time in interviews.

Most recently, he addressed his father’s music taste while talking about his favorite albums of all time. As it is widely known, Eddie was a fan of AC/DC and their records, and he taught his son about their music as well. In the recent interview, Wolf stated that the first band he was obsessed with was AC/DC because Eddie introduced them to him with their album, ‘Powerage,‘ which was the late guitar icon’s favorite album. However, Wolf stated that his personal favorite is ‘Highway to Hell.’

Here is how he stated Eddie’s favorite album:

“The band that I was probably first obsessed with was AC/DC. My father introduced me to them with ‘Powerage,’ and I was thinking of picking that one because it was his favorite album. But a little bit more than that, ‘Highway To Hell’ is probably my favorite album of theirs.

To me, it’s perfect. Every single song on it is quintessential AC/DC. And also, because it was Bon Scott’s last album, the very last song on it, ‘Night Prowler,’ feels like such a good send-off. Obviously, they didn’t make it that way, but it just feels like someone going out on an incredible vibe.”

According to Wolf, ‘Highway to Hell’ is perfect with every song. He also stated that it’s his favorite because it’s Bon Scott’s last album, and the last song, ‘Night Prowler’ is a good ‘send-off.’ His personal analysis of the album made him connect to it more than his father’s favorite ‘Powerade.’