Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares Pinpoints Three ‘Potential Enemies’ Over Shooting Incident

Fear Factory founder and guitarist Dino Cazares recently recalled the story of finding a bullet in his car’s windshield. Two years ago, the rocker took to Twitter to share with his fans about the bullet he found on the front of his car, stating that he named three people as ‘enemies’ when asked by the police. Most recently, the guitarist shared the details about the incident in a new interview with Louder Sound.

When asked about the day he tweeted the incident, he revealed the result of the investigation:

“There was a park about a quarter of a mile from my house. Apparently, there were some homeless people in the park and one of them had a gun. They shot in the air, and it happened to come down on my car. Where my car was parked, there was a neighbor with a couple of kids who played in that area.”

Cazares revealed his own safety wasn’t the first thing he cared about when he found out about the incident. He shared:

“I thought, ‘Man, it’s good the kids weren’t back here!’ My second thought was, ‘Who the f*ck wants to shoot me?!’ Ha ha! The investigators asked if I had any enemies, and I gave them some names… three.”

Following the story, the guitarist also shared that he made up with one of the names he gave to the police, jokingly stating that unless that person is pretending to be his friend so he can get close enough to shoot the rocker, they are okay with each other.

The rocker’s tweet and more details about the incident are below.