Fall Out Boy’s New Year Message Reveals Details About The New Album

Fans have been waiting for a new album from Fall Out Boy since 2018’s ‘Mania,’ and here the band is, giving them a cryptic message teasing a new release. According to the e-mail Fall Out Boy sent to their fans, the American rock act spent the last year jamming with ideas, and they have more than a gold watch coming for them.

“The slow and steady press of thumbs to tiny glass,” the band wrote in the New Year e-mail. “The phantom light of the year slipping away. The pull of stuck Christmas traffic twisting red and white like candy canes down the 405. (Bi-polar vortex and all). You’d never know you were in the great thing, the perfect moment awash around you.”

The message continued, “You never think you’d look back and be nostalgic for right now – For car rides that never seemed to end, the way the world used to look in 90s newscasts, or Cloroxing your groceries before you bring them in from the garage… To all the animals you see in the clouds and faces you memorized in the tile of the shower in your childhood home – the pareidolia-n prince.”

The band added to reveal their feelings further, “Maybe we were never supposed to feel so much. Maybe we were never supposed to dream so much. But we did anyway. Placing items in my cart and continuing shopping – but emotionally. You start to wonder if you have more good roads behind you than ahead. Shake it off. Eyelashes frozen, almost reborn again in the cold mountain air. Buzzed off of the alpenglow. Sometimes I feel like a detective working a bad beat for too many years, chasing old leads – not ready to quit but unable to solve the case – just hoping I get more than a gold watch on my retirement day.”

The statement continued, “Other times, I think, ‘What’s the point of any of it?’ Crashing into another year 0 is tomorrow a blank slate or a new puzzle solved with yesterday’s mistakes. Here we are, finishing another spin around the sun, a cosmic twirl. Still trying to get free of everything we’re supposed to be. But before the champagnes gone warm and flat, glitter to dust, squinted eyes at the new year sun: let’s prime the engine and take it out for another magic trip. We spent the last year jamming ideas in a tiny room and can’t wait to share them with you.”

At the end of the e-mail, Fall Out Boy wrote, “PS: (Thanks for always sticking around. Thanks for working the beat. Spoiler alert: we got more than a gold watch coming for you next year).” Upon noticing the newsletter in their inboxes, fans started trying to crack the code behind this lengthy message. Many believed it had possible hidden meanings about the upcoming Fall Out Boy album.

In December 2022, Fall Out Boy teased a new song with a rather bizarre music video. The stop-motion video titled ‘A Claymation Fall Out Boy Celebration’ revealed eight seconds of new music at the end. The band also unveiled a website to host the video, with the title ‘Welcome to the other side of the apocalypse.’ It seems they will continue raising fans’ expectations with cryptic messages and hints scattered around their announcements.