Deeper Meanings Behind ‘Take My Breath Away’ Of Berlin

Berlin, an iconic new wave band from the 1980s, achieved unprecedented success with their hauntingly beautiful song ‘Take My Breath Away.’ The track, which was featured in the blockbuster film ‘Top Gun,’ elevated the band to a whole new level of fame. However, this success brought with it an immense amount of pressure and a series of missteps, including their refusal to perform at the Academy Awards, where the song won Best Original Song.

After the release of their album ‘Count Three and Pray’ in 1986, the band ultimately broke up, only to reunite years later and release a comeback album, ‘Transcendance,’ followed by an orchestral reworking of their catalogue, ‘Strings Attached.’ Despite their other accomplishments, the enduring appeal of Berlin is inextricably linked to ‘Take My Breath Away,’ which continues to resonate with fans and generate royalties for the band.

While the song has garnered widespread acclaim for its memorable melody and evocative lyrics, there are deeper meanings hidden within ‘Take My Breath Away’ that may not be immediately apparent to every listener. By examining the song’s lyrics, themes, and overall atmosphere, we can uncover layers of meaning that reveal the true depth and complexity of this timeless ballad. Let us now delve into the intricate world of the song and explore three of its deeper meanings.

Written by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock, ‘Take My Breath Away’ presents a fascinating juxtaposition of fear and love, as the eerie intro music combines with the darkness to create an unsettling atmosphere. Yet, within this emotional turmoil, the song explores the purity and power of love. The contrasting emotions blend together to create a feeling of breathlessness, highlighting the complexity and depth of the human experience.

The song delves into the vulnerability and intensity of romantic love, capturing the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by another person. This sensation of powerlessness and exposure is often an essential component of true intimacy and connection in a relationship. The lyrics also touch on the idea of time standing still during moments of intense emotion and the desire to freeze time and remain in that moment forever.

‘Take My Breath Away’ explores the intangible nature of love and its connections to both life and death. The lyrics are filled with powerful imagery, such as ‘endless ocean,’ ‘secret places,’ ‘hourglass,’ ‘mirror,’ and ‘fate,’ which hint at something more profound and hidden. The line ‘When the mirror crashed’ could be interpreted as a reference to the death of a loved one or the figurative death of oneself, which may be necessary for true love to occur. The song’s melancholic pace and low-key feel, coupled with the dual meaning of the title, reflect both the beauty and the potential destructiveness of love.

The Berlin classic remains an iconic song that has captivated listeners for decades with its evocative lyrics and haunting melody. The deeper meanings explored within the song reveal the complexity of human emotions, the vulnerability and intensity of romantic love, and the powerful connection between love and mortality. It’s no wonder that this timeless track continues to resonate with audiences, drawing in new fans and solidifying Berlin’s lasting legacy in the world of music.