Ex-Singer Explains How Grunge Bands Tried To Kill Iron Maiden As He Recalls The Worst Gig He Has Ever Done

Former Iron Maiden lead vocalist Blaze Bayley opened up about the time when the band was trying to survive under the pressure of grunge during an appearance on The Crowcast, and apparently, the band performed in Seattle at the height of grunge which was the worst as the audience wanted them gone.

As many of you know, Blaze Bayley started to work with Iron Maiden as the band’s lead vocalist after Bruce Dickinson’s departure in 1994. He recorded two studio albums with the band, the tenth studio album, ‘The X Factor’ which was released in 1995, and the following studio album, ‘Virtual XI’ which was released in 1998.

Both albums having Bayley as the lead vocalist did not satisfy the expectations as ‘The X Factor only peaked at number 8 on the UK Albums Chart and ‘Virtual XI’ managed to find itself a place on number 16, making both albums the lowest-charting Iron Maiden studio albums.

During a recent interview, the former Iron Maiden singer opened up about the failure of those two albums by revealing that the band was at war with grunge music and the media wanted the band to be gone as grunge was the popular music at the time.

Furthermore, Blaze Bayley revealed the worst ever performance he has ever done during that interview and stated that Iron Maiden was performing in Seattle during the time when grunge was dominating the music industry, and apparently, most of the crowd saw them as an ancient band.

Here is what Bayley said:

“When I was in Maiden, we were at war with grunge, man. Grunge was trying to kill us. The U.K. press – they thought the sun shone out of various bands’ bottoms, and they wanted Maiden to die. We went into the heartland of death – we played Seattle at the height of grunge, man, and it was one of the most awful gigs I’ve ever done.

There were these people looking at us like we were some kind of dinosaur, and they were going, ‘Why aren’t they dead yet?’ And then you’ve got a few rows at the front going, ‘Maiden! Yes!’ It’s just unbelievable. And that’s the war that we had with ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Virtual XI.'”

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