Ozzy Osbourne’s Daughter Kelly Admits She Thought She’ll Stop Doing Drugs When She Get Pregnant

During an interview with Red Table Talk, Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, Kelly Osbourne revealed that her longtime addiction problem harmed her too much. Kelly also shared that she thought that she would have to quit drinking and using drugs when she decided to get pregnant.

Unfortunately, Kelly Osbourne’s drug and alcohol addiction started when she was a teenage girl. She was suffering from depression thinking that she was not worthy of being loved. After a serious surgery, she was given a very strong painkiller, Vicodin which she later became addicted to it. Then, her addiction continued with Percocet and heroin.

Osbourne continued to consume excessive alcohol and heroin for a long time and she went to rehab many times until she decided to quit in 2017 for good. However, a couple of weeks ago, she confessed that she drank a lot again and went back to her recovery process after four years of sobriety on her Instagram Story. Kelly was sure that she is sober now and will stay like that in the future.

During her interview with Red Table Talk, the co-host, Jada Pinkett Smith asked Osbourne whether she felt behind in life because of her addiction problems. She admitted that she was supposed to be married and had kids by now just like her brother, Jack who had three daughters. Kelly stated that the drugs prevented her from having a family. She admitted that back then, she was thinking that she would have to stop using them if she got pregnant.

Here’s what Kelly Osbourne stated:

“Yes, I feel very behind. As a woman, I would have loved to be married and have children by now. My brother Jack has three daughters and I would have loved to have kids by now, but that wasn’t what was in the cards for me yet.

I would have been no kind of mother at all. Because I was that crazy addict that was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll stop doing drugs when I get pregnant because I have to.’ Like, that’s insane that I would ever even think that.”

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