Ex-Iron Maiden Singer Blaze Bayley Explains How He Became A Singer Despite The Challenges He Faced

During an interview with Metal Radio, the former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley has talked about how he managed to become a singer although he was exposed to negative comments and was tried to take down by the people around him.

Blaze Bayley was the singer of Iron Maiden during the absence of Bruce Dickinson and recorded two studio albums with the band: ‘The X Factor’ released in 1995, and ‘Virtual XI’ released in 1998. These two albums he appeared on were unsuccessful contrary to the band’s prior releases. He left Iron Maiden in 1999 and then released several albums, some of which under the name of Blaze. Bayley also appeared on ‘Wolfsbane Saves The World’ by Wolfsbane which was released in 2012.

Speaking to Metal Radio, Blaze Bayley has revealed the hardships he endured during his career path towards being a singer. He said that he wanted to become a singer, but there were some people saying to him that he cannot sing, along with his family members saying he will never be a singer.

Bayley then mentioned his song ‘Pull Yourself Up’s lyrics, which says ‘They said I could not sing, come and sing with me.’ He noted that he is now a professional heavy metal singer who owns a tiny record label along with thousands of fans. Bayley also inspired his fans, suggesting them not to define themselves by what others say.

Bayley said in the interview that:

“When I started, I wasn’t a natural singer, but I loved to sing, and I wanted to be a singer, so I learned to sing. But in my career, there were some people that said, ‘You can’t sing.’ A family member said, ‘You will never be a singer.’ In a review, someone said, ‘You can’t sing.’ And in the second chorus [of ‘Pull Yourself Up’], it goes, ‘They said I could not sing. Come and sing with me.’ Because I am now a professional heavy metal singer.

I got to be in the top band in the world for heavy metal, and now I own my own tiny record label and I produce my own records and I have thousands of fans who love to hear me sing. So it wasn’t impossible, was it? So each time, it’s pull yourself up. Don’t let them define you by what they say. They aren’t you. Don’t let other people define you and who you are and your dreams with their negative outlook on life. ‘You’ll never do this.’ No, you don’t think I’ll ever do that. That’s you. That’s not me.”

Blaze Bayley’s new studio album titled ‘War Within Me’ was released digitally on April 9, 2021, which was the first full-length Blaze Bayley Full Metal studio album after almost 10 years. It is known that all of the songs in the album were written and produced by Blaze along with the guitarist Cristopher Appleton.