Eric Clapton’s Speeding Ticket Case Finalized, ‘Slowhand’ Is Fined £146

Eric Clapton was recently fined £146 for driving over speed limits — at more than 60 miles per hour. As it seems, the ‘Slowhand’ didn’t slow down.

On October 28, 2021, Eric Clapton drove over the speed limits on the A24 Shipley in West Grinstead, north of Henfield. Although he is nicknamed ‘Slowhand,’ it seems the legendary guitarist likes speeding in his Porsche. He then received a ticket, but the offense came to light when the police pulled him over.

The Sussex Police pulled Clapton over, but the musician didn’t want to provide information about his identity. Due to that, he was charged by the officers. This charge was withdrawn this week, but Clapton was recently fined £146 for speeding last year and handed three penalty points on his license.

Besides the £146, Brighton Magistrates also ordered the musician to pay a victim surcharge of £34 and £90 in court costs. Currently, the guitar icon and talented songwriter Clapton has an estimated £190million net worth, so it seems this amount won’t bother him.

Moreover, Clapton’s case was dealt with by a magistrate under the Single Justice Procedure, and as the musician lives in Surrey, he wasn’t required to attend court for the speeding charge. As of now, Clapton’s representatives haven’t commented about ‘Slowhand’s speeding offense.