Slipknot Star Shawn Crahan Says The Beatles Was Not His Favorite Band When He Was Younger


Slipknot co-founder and the percussionist of the band for years, Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan was recently interviewed by Knotfest’s ‘Mosh Talks’ last week and talked about his musical career and explains how such great artists influenced the way for Slipknot.

As you may remember, last month, Clown was interviewed by Mosh Talks once again and stated that he can not fully explain what happened to the White House after the elections and the riots, and he also revealed why Slipknot chose not to make any live stream event during the outbreak.

This week, in Mosh Talks, Crahan talked about his earlier influencers and revealed how his mother was The Beatles fan when he was younger. He also stated that he feels blessed to have been from The Beatles to Pink Floyd, to Zeppelin, to The Who, to Black Flag, to Big Black, to Scratch Acid.

Here is what he said:

“I grew up listening to Beatles. It doesn’t mean they were my favorite band, just what my mom and dad were listening to. Then they were listening to Jimi Hendrix and The Who. And my mom was like, ‘If I wasn’t married, I’d make out with Rod Stewart.’ I’m like, ‘What the hell you talking about?!’

Like, rock ‘n’ roll has been part of my life, so we go from all those guys, and first of all, let’s talk about those guys just for a moment. You didn’t get into a studio unless you could play. You weren’t the second-best bass player, you weren’t the second-best drummer, you weren’t the second-best anything, but you could play. Not even to a click, you could just keep time and play.”

He continued:

“And you could sing, and in key. Church did that for people, being out in fields, working and singing in unison throughout fields – all cultures.

People don’t work like that anymore. Machines work, we make things that work faster for us, machines don’t sing while they work, they don’t makeup lullabies to sing corn to bed, they don’t think about the dinner that’s coming up in 30 minutes.

I’m 51, I’m so blessed to have been from The Beatles to Pink Floyd, to Zeppelin, to The Who, to Black Flag, to Big Black, to Scratch Acid, Killdozer, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Linkin Park, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, The Muse, Placebo, Radiohead, Johnny Cash…”

You can watch the interview below.

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