Eric Clapton’s Daughter Ruth Thinks She Might Be In ‘Britney Shaved Head Phase’

The daughter of Eric Clapton, Ruth Clapton worried her followers after one of her tweets in which she asked whether her ‘Britney shaved head phase’ has arrived.

As you may know, Eric Clapton recently hit the headlines with his controversial statements saying that he won’t perform in venues that require proof of vaccination from the fans. Saying that it is a type of discrimination, Clapton exclaimed that he refuses to play only for vaccinated fans and has the right to cancel the shows unless all his fans can freely attend them.

After Eric Clapton’s statement, his family was put under the spotlight by the media and some of the fans. Clapton’s daughter Ruth also suffered from this and felt exhausted. She pointed out on her Twitter that her father’s choice was about people not being forced to do something they don’t want to do just to attend a concert.

Showing her weariness from the accusations, Ruth stayed by her father’s side. Following this tweet, she also announced that she needs to take some time out from using social media until things calm down.

In a recent tweet, Ruth appeared to still be suffering from the consequences. Worrying her followers, she said that she might be in her ‘Britney shaved head phase,’ reminding her fans of the time Britney Spears was severely depressed and shaved her head.

Upon seeing this, a follower reached out to Ruth asking what is bothering her and begging her not to shave her head. As a response, Ruth said that she is not going to shave her head yet she considers getting a tattoo or piercing instead. She then added she is feeling good right now while questioning if she actually is or is having a Britney moment.

Ruth’s first tweet read:

“Currently fluctuating between thinking I’m on top of my game, just out here doing hot girl shit, or is this my ‘Britney shaved head phase?’ I guess only time will tell right…”

A worried follower then replied:

“Ruth, what’s bothering you? I’m a good listener. Please don’t shave your head, how about a tattoo? I’m here to help and I don’t share, my confidence is true.”

After the tweet of the worried follower, Ruth said:

“Not going to shave my head, don’t worry! I am actually seriously considering a new tattoo or piercing though! Nothing’s bothering me as such, just feeling really good right now. So it just makes me question if I actually am or am I having a Britney moment.

Below are the tweets posted by Ruth Clapton.