Eric Clapton’s Daughter Ruth Explains What Changed In Her Life After Getting Divorced

The daughter of Eric Clapton, Ruth Clapton has claimed that her divorce made significant changes in her entire life in an Instagram post.

As you may know, Ruth Clapton got married to Dean Bartlett and the pair had two sons. During her wedding ceremony, the successful musician Eric Clapton was also present both as her father and as her wedding singer. For the reception at his Surrey mansion, Clapton sang for an hour and entertained 150 guests. As the musician’s songs are mostly requested at wedding ceremonies, it was indeed a fitting decision.

Although the couple seemed to be doing well together, back in November 2020, Ruth announced that they were getting divorced. Moreover, to protect their children from the effects of divorce, Ruth and Dean decided to co-parent them. Even though she had said that it was a mutual decision, the divorce highly affected her. With one of her Instagram posts, she explained what she went through last year. She said that although that year was full of heartbreaks and massive lifestyle changes, she is not giving in yet.

In her recent Instagram post, Ruth Clapton yet again recalled what she experienced before getting divorced last year and revealed some moments in her life with photos and videos. She said she was barely living her life a year ago, and she couldn’t do what she wanted. Then, Ruth stated she is happier now as she is now brave enough to change her life. She also revealed her future plans and said that she learned happiness comes from within and thanked the ones who supported her up until now.

Ruth Clapton’s Instagram post read:

“Alright, it’s going to be deep so get ready.

Up until about a year ago, I was barely living my life, I got up every morning and did what I thought I should be doing. I barely went to gigs or festivals unless they were my Dad’s. I’d see my girlfriends maybe once a month. I wasn’t writing or singing. This wasn’t anyone else’s fault but my own. I just got stuck in a cycle of thinking that I had to just be a mum and a wife and I couldn’t do music and I couldn’t go to all the stuff I wanted to go to. I just basically lost myself and I didn’t take the time or prioritize what I wanted to do or my interests or even my career and passion.

Here I am a year on, single, happier than I’ve ever been, and not because of a man but because I became brave enough to take the steps to completely change my life. I got back to music and I’ll never put it down again. I’ve done some work on myself in terms of self-development and self-discovery. I made amazing plans with my girls and we’ve had the best summer of our lives genuinely! And we’re not even done, two festivals still to go in September and then Ibiza at the end of October.”

She went on to say:

“I’m still a mother but I’m a woman first and I am never losing her again, I have learned that my happiness comes from within me and the experiences I create with the people I love. That’s my lesson from 2021.

So here’s to the people I love who have supported me through this last year. I’m so grateful to you all and I love you guys with all my heart. Here’s to getting where water can’t! Here’s to sending stupidly long voice notes to each other with all the tea! Here’s to laughing at the silliest stuff (‘wardrobe’-if you know you know, 100%, full send).

Here’s to the last Hot Girl Summer post of 2021, we definitely had one and it was a blast! And here’s to all our future plans together and the glow up of my life… 100%.”

You can see the photos she posted along with her statements on her Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Ruth Clapton – Instagram