Ted Nugent Accuses Media Big Tech And Hollywood Of ‘Raping And Pillaging’ The American Dream

Ted Nugent recently posted a disturbing photo of a man gagging and blinding a woman and captioned it as an allegory for the government media big-tech academia and Hollywood abusing American citizens.

Ted Nugent is actively warning the US citizens about the country’s state, and recently in a live stream, he encouraged his followers to buy guns and supplies in case of a shutdown. A while ago, Nugent’s words and speeches were considered as opinions whether his followers agreed with them or not.

However, currently, he has an ‘army’ of 421 thousand followers on Instagram who agree with him and are ready to crush the American system. His fans stated that they would be at his disposal if Ted started a movement against the US government.

In his recent Instagram upload, he posted a disturbing photo in which a man forcefully pins down a woman. The man is holding her hands and mouth while she is blindfolded. There is a scale of justice that looks like it fell from the woman’s hands, and the male hands that are grabbing her have the logos of Google, Facebook, and Twitter on his sleeves.

As you may recall, big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter had censored strict right-wing propaganda speeches on their websites. The social media sites also censored Trump’s tweets about the last presidential election. Recently, a bill was signed in Texas that lifted this censorship and allowed people to express their political opinions freely.

However, the social media companies sued the Texas state for limiting their editorial freedom. The state pushed them to allow content that they wouldn’t allow otherwise. The companies tried to convince people that the whole censorship idea was not about limiting people’s freedom of speech but about filtering users’ hate speeches towards each other.

But according to Nugent, this is rape, and here is how he stated that:

“America was founded on the unprecedented self-evident truth that all men are created equal and deserve equal justice under the law. Our treasonous government media big-tech academia, and Hollywood have raped and pillaged the American Dream. Shame on these devilpunks! We, the people, must crush them all as soon as possible.”

You can see Ted Nugent’s post below.

Photo Credit: Ted Nugent – Instagram