Ronnie Radke Mysteriously Deletes All Social Media Posts Except For One

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke deleted all his posts from his personal Instagram and X accounts except for one.

He currently only has a single post on his Instagram, which encouraged fans to assume a new song or an album is coming. The only picture left on his account appears to be droplets of water with a red-toned background. The picture is also now his profile picture on both platforms.

Some fans made guesses about new songs and reimagined versions of released songs:

“It’s ‘Losing My Mind’ Reimagined isn’t it?”

Other fans shared their excitement, thinking it’s a teaser for a new album:

“Feed us. We need an album now.”

On his X, the rocker left only a tweet he retweeted before, which wrote:

“Ronnie Radke gets a lot of hate, but I still don’t think he gets enough.”

Radke also disabled the comment section in his only post.

Although he now doesn’t have the earlier posts, he continues to share stories.

The band’s latest release was made last year with the single ‘Zombified.’ The single marked their first new music since their 2017 studio album, ‘Coming Home.’ In addition, there have been rumors about a new EP, entitled ‘Neon Zombie,’ for which a date of release hasn’t been announced. So it’s uncertain whether or not the one post will indicate an upcoming album.

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