Elton John Says He Will Have No Qualms About Not Performing Live Again

During a recent conversation with the host of the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, the music icon Elton John spoke about his decision to retire from live performance.

In his 60-year solo music career, Elton John has given over 3500 live performances in more than 80 countries. Apart from the high-quality lyrical content, the musical background of his songs, and his virtuosity on the piano, the fact that he has constantly been on the road is for sure one of the reasons that make Elton so well-known and deeply loved by his fans.

About four years ago, the artist announced that he wanted to retire from live performance to devote more time to his private life and family. After this announcement, he embarked on the ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ tour on September 8, 2018, which was planned to last for 3 years, and consisted of 9 legs and over 300 live performances.

The tour, which he continued for a while, had to be rescheduled like many other events due to the pandemic. However, the 75-year-old artist was determined to get back on stage and will be continuing the North American and European leg of his tour throughout 2022. The singer started the UK leg of the ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ tour on June 15, and the last performance will take place on July 8, 2023.

The famous singer, who had previously announced that he wanted to retire from the stage and doesn’t want to play live anymore, made similar statements in a recent interview with Zoe Ball. The interviewer asked the musician whether he was certain that this would be his last tour, and Elton replied that his final live performance will be the tour’s last concert in Stockholm.

Speaking on how his last performance in Stockholm will feel, Elton admitted that he will feel relieved since he will get a chance to spend time with his family after that. Elton John said that he has been on the road since a very young age and has achieved everything he wanted. He has already received as much applause as he could get, so he has decided to stop playing without any hesitation.

Elton John’s response to whether this will be his last tour:

“It definitely will be. By the time I finished, I’d have done nearly 350 shows on this tour. I’m due to end in Stockholm on July 8, I think. You’ll probably hear me screaming from Stockholm with the relief of not having to tour again and spending the rest of my life with my boys and David.

You know, I’ve been touring since I was 17 in the back of a van. I’ve had enough applause, I’ve had enough acclaim. I can’t really achieve more than I’d done. I just wanted to go on top, and this tour has been so successful that that’s really… That’s the way I wanted it to do, to be. So I will have no qualms about not playing again.”

Through September and mid-October, Elton John will continue to perform live in the USA. He will perform in Vancouver, Canada on October 21 and 22, and hit the road again in the States. The Australian leg of the tour is scheduled to begin in January 2023.