The Real Reason Chester Bennington Left Stone Temple Pilots


Chester Bennington was a singer-songwriter mostly known for his tenure with Linkin Park. However, he also performed with several other bands, including Stone Temple Pilots. He became the band’s lead singer in 2013 after Scott Weiland’s departure. The musician released the EP ‘High Rise’ with Stone Temple Pilots on October 8, 2013, but left the band in 2015.

Back when he was young, Bennington was heavily inspired by Stone Temple Pilots, and he dreamed of becoming a member of the band. So, joining STP as their lead singer made his dream come true. However, Bennington left the band two years after joining in 2013. Although Chester said that he quit to concentrate on Linkin Park, the real reason behind his departure was different. Let’s learn why Bennington decided to leave Stone Temple Pilots.

Chester Bennington Left Stone Temple Pilots Because It Was Stressful For His Kids


After a two-year tenure with Stone Temple Pilots, Chester Bennington left the band on good terms to focus on his work with Linkin Park. Although this might sound like a good reason, another factor encouraged Bennington to leave STP. According to a 2017 interview on Q104.3’s ‘Out Of The Box’, his career was getting too stressful for his kids.

In the conversation, Bennington stated that he had a lot of fun performing for both Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots. He then noted he still played with STP occasionally. Following that, the singer stressed that the only reason he left the band was that his kids would cry whenever he would hit the road with Stone Temple Pilots.

Chester Bennington said his kids were okay with him touring with Linkin Park but not with STP. Bennington stated that he thought they might be thinking that he chose to be with STP after being done with Linkin Park instead of spending time with them. Moreover, the iconic singer said he decided to stop being selfish and be home with his children.

As reported by Tone Deaf, Chester Bennington told Q104.3’s ‘Out Of The Box’ that:

“I’ve had the privilege of being not only in Linkin Park and being around a bunch of geniuses. I got to go and be in Stone Temple Pilots and be around a bunch of geniuses, and just kind of sit back and kind of ask myself, ‘How did I get here?’ But, yeah, I had so much fun. I actually still get to play with those guys every once in a while. And I have a deep, deep love. And the only reason why I’m not doing it now is that my kids would cry every time I’d go on the road with STP.

When I leave on tour with Linkin Park they’re, like, ‘Okay, we’ll see you when you get back,’ and they understand what I’m doing. But when I would leave with STP, they would cry. And I started realizing, I think they thought I was choosing to do that over being at home with them because I would be done with Linkin Park and coming home. And so, it was just too hard on my family. So I basically was, like, ‘You know what? I’ve gotta stop being selfish here, and when I’m not doing Linkin Park, I’ve just gotta be home with my babies.

Bennington also touched upon this issue in one of the statements he made after leaving Stone Temple Pilots. He expressed that his experience with the band was terrific. However, the musician implied that being in STP and Linkin Park simultaneously made him unable to give both bands and his family the time they deserve.

According to Loudwire, Chester Bennington’s statement read:

“The last few years have been an amazing experience. I got to create and perform with one of the greatest rock bands of our generation, which had so much influence on me growing up. With the amount of time STP deserves, in addition to being in Linkin Park, and with the needs of my family, one of them always seems to fall short. Going into this, the four of us… Robert, Eric, Dean, and I knew what we were up against.

We decided in due fairness to friends, fans, and the legacy of STP that it needs more than time was allowing me. And in all fairness to my bandmates in Linkin Park, as well as to myself and to my family, I’m going to focus solely on Linkin Park so I can contribute 100%. It’s been an amazing experience and a dream come true, and I look forward to the future of both STP and Linkin Park.”

As it seems, focusing on his family and kids was quite a valid excuse for Chester Bennington to leave Stone Temple Pilots. Although the singer died tragically two years after leaving the band, he managed to spend more time with his family.