Elon Musk Mocks Trent Reznor Over His Decision To Quit Twitter

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has made most people, including celebrities, wary of the platform as he not only fired half of its staff but also reactivated Donal Trump’s banned account. However, it doesn’t look like Musk intends to stop anytime soon, as the entrepreneur called Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor a ‘crybaby’ after the musician decided to leave the platform over the weekend.

In a thread about Trump’s extremely controversial return to the platform, Musk decided to have a go at the industrial metal musician for leaving the platform even though it was unrelated to the discussion. Musk wrote, “And it turns out that Trent ‘Nine Inch Nails’ Reznor is actually a crybaby.”

However, Musk’s harsh words didn’t stop there after a fan came to Reznor’s defense and named him as one of the best musicians ever. “I like his music, to be honest,” Elon wrote. “But maybe Etsy is more his style.” While Reznor is celebrated by many for his craft in his genre, the billionaire mocked the musician with a joke that implied he was an independent artist unable to sell to the mainstream audience.

Reznor had previously accused the platform of creating a toxic environment after dodging half of its workforce and letting banned users such as Donald Trump and Kanye West roam around freely on the platform. He wasn’t the only celebrity to voice their opinion about the current climate of the platform, but Elon Musk decided to mock him publicly with his tweets.