Eddie Van Halen’s Widow Janie Says She Had Massive Anxiety Attack During A Medical Procedure

Late guitar legend Eddie Van Halen’s widow Janie Van Halen has shared a picture on her Instagram account and opened up about the massive anxiety attack she recently suffered from.

As you may know, the talented professional dancer and wrestler, Janie Van Halen has been dealing with the loss of her family members for the last couple of months starting with the death of her brother, Tom Liszewski, back in June 2020. Only a short period of time later, Janie lost her beloved husband, Eddie on October 6, 2020, only a month before her mother passed away.

Since then, Janie has been expressing her feelings during her grieving process on social media by posting pictures of her deceased loved ones. She also shares how she is trying to heal herself during these difficult times.

Yesterday, Janie Van Halen shared a picture of herself from her doctor’s office and confirmed that she was about to have a biopsy for a mass that has been monitored for the last two years. While her followers were waiting for an update about the procedure, Jaine shared a new picture on her Instagram account today showing the needle that was used for the biopsy.

However, she revealed that they couldn’t even start the biopsy since she had a massive anxiety attack when the needle was inserted and she passed out. Janie stated that she has to go back a week later to try the procedure once again. She also mentioned that her doctor offered her to ‘insert the titanium tag along with another tag so once the potential issue has been cleared she can go back and have both surgically removed.’ Janie suggested her followers not to hesitate to ask questions to their doctors and learn the alternative ways rather than the standard practice of care.

Here is what Janie Van Halen wrote in the caption of her post:

“I wanted to thank everyone for all the support and kind words regarding my biopsy. ❤️
Unfortunately, I had a massive anxiety attack, a flood of emotions, and a large amount of pain when the needle was inserted and I passed out, They had to stop before they even got started and pull the needle out since I moved/slumped over. Never have I felt more stupid or embarrassed and now have to go back next week to try again.

And a note in regards to the tag/marker – I asked for no tag and the doc said that she could not do the biopsy unless she could tag so if needed they could find the spot again. She did, however, offer to insert the titanium tag which shows up on a mammogram, along with another tag (on top of the titanium tag) that shows up on ultrasound so once the potential issue has been cleared I can go back and have both surgically removed.

Thank you for the post about the tag and ladies, you do have a choice, you just have to speak up and ask. The doctor may look at you like you are crazy and give the ‘this is the standard practice of care’ talk, but when pushed, and they are good, will then provide additional options.”

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