Wolf Van Halen Discusses Possible Reunion With Sammy Hagar And David Lee Roth

Mammoth WVH’s founder Wolf Van Halen responded to a fan once again about playing with Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth on stage, and his response was plain but clearly reflected his stance about this matter

As you may recall, Wolf became Van Halen’s bassist in 2006, at the age of 15. Before Eddie’s death and Van Halen’s disbandment, Wolf would receive criticism for ‘following his father’s footsteps.’ However, when they officially disbanded in 2020 after Eddie Van Halen’s passing, Wolf started getting criticized for not performing Van Halen songs in his shows.

Although he was in Van Halen for half of his life, he didn’t have any difficulties creating another band to continue his music career. Mammoth WVH was initially a solo project while he was still performing with Van Halen. After the disbandment, Wolf released his first album and went on tour with Guns N’ Roses as the legendary band’s opening act.

However, Van Halen fans don’t seem eager to stop attacking Wolf for being Eddie’s son and not ‘honoring’ him as much as fans expect to see. Usually, Wolf makes fun of them and responds to their messages sarcastically. However, this time, he showed that he is fed up with receiving comments regarding Van Halen with a simple gif at first. But later, as he received more opinions about him performing with Van Halen Members again, he couldn’t resist replying.

Here is the first fan’s question:

“Hey Wolf, any chance for a Hagar or Roth returns with you on guitar playing your Dad’s parts?”

After Wolf replied to this with a Jimmy Fallon meme, another fan got involved:

“Might it be worth doing one concert with both Dave & Sammy to run through a Van Halen ‘Greatest Hits,’ just to never have to hear these people again? It seems it would bring closure to them, and forever endear you to their hearts and gain their respect, even if it doesn’t matter to you.”

Here is what Wolf replied to that tweet:

“I have no idea why you people think this is my problem to fix. If I have to come to terms with not having a dad, these people can come to terms with not seeing a band live again.”

Another fan showed their support for Wolf by stating:

“Man, just do whatever makes you happy. I wouldn’t worry about pleasing these fans who are stuck in the past.”

And Wolf finalized the situation by replying:

“That’s exactly what I’m doing, and I couldn’t be happier.

The first Van Halen fan asked Wolf to play Van Halen songs on stage with one of the vocalists, Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth, and Wolf could play the guitar instead of his father. Tired of trying to reply and explain himself, Wolf only responded with a simple Jimmy Fallon meme. However, it seems as it got out of hand for him when another fan suggested that he should ‘just do it’ so people would stop pressuring and criticizing him.

You can see the tweets below.