Rob Trujillo On Replacing His Son Tye In Suicidal Tendencies

In 2021, Tye took over the open Suicidal Tendencies bassist position, which had been occupied by his father from 1989 to 1995. Now, in the fifteenth episode of ‘The Metallica Report,’ a new podcast that provides weekly insider updates on all things Metallica, Robert Trujillo explained how he started playing bass for Suicidal Tendencies 28 years later at the Mike Muir-fronted band’s concert at the House Of Vans in Mexico City on 26 October:

“(My 19-year-old son) Tye has a band called Otto, and Otto had a corporate gig which had been booked literally a year ago — something that was very important to them.”

Rob Trujillo went on to explain the situation. He said:

“But then there was also a gig for Suicidal Tendencies that came up, let’s say, within sort of eight weeks. Tye has been touring with Suicidal Tendencies for probably close to three years, and there happened to be this one opportunity that came up within sort of the balance between Otto and Suicidal. And basically, it was this date that the schedules conflicted, and it hasn’t happened in the three years, which is kind of a miracle.”

Robert didn’t think of himself first for Suicidal Tendencies’ open bass guitarist position. He continued:

“So I was trying to think of a sub. And then I just kind of said, ‘I’ll play it.’ And he was, like, ‘Really?’ I go, ‘Of course. I know the songs.’ It’s, like, as long as you play the songs that I had history with, and some of the songs I actually wrote, I said, ‘I’ll play it. It would be fun.’ And he was, like, ‘Really? Oh, man. That’d be so cool.'”

On 9 September, Robert and Tye played together at a Suicidal Tendencies show in Phoenix.

Second Generation Bands

Tye Trujillo’s band Ottto, released their latest album ‘Life Is a Game’ in March. He had filled in for Fieldy from Korn when he was just 12. He eventually moved on to Suicidal Tendencies. His 16-year-old sister Lullah plays drums, piano, and bass as well. The eldest sons of drummer Lars Ulrich, Myles, 24, and Layne, 21, play in the band Taipei Houston. James Hetfield’s 22-year-old son Castor is a drummer in the band Bastardane, and guitarist Kirk Hammett’s teenage sons Angel and Vincenzo are also involved in music, though less publicly at the moment.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this year, Lars thought that maybe one day Metallica would ‘hand over the keys to the kingdom of hard-rock’ when the late-night host mentioned the members’ children and their band. Lars had this to say:

“They ask for advice, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they follow it, as they shouldn’t have to, but they’re certainly curious. They’re obviously out there, finding their feet, and they should be out there finding their feet. I’m happy to help them when I can, but at the same time, they’ve got to figure some of this stuff out for themselves”

Robert Trujilşo said about his son Tye’s interest in music as a child:

“In his first eight years, [Tye] was just hitting everything in sight. And then he had a plastic guitar, a couple of them, and he played that thing so much, he actually wore down an area with a pick technique. Imagine wearing down plastic to that degree? That was hardcore. So, we knew that he had a real connection to music.”

You can watch the whole show, where they talk about their music and their children’s music below