Eddie Van Halen’s Personal Gift To Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford Is Up For Auction


The guitar which Eddie Van Halen gave Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford as a gift is recently made available for purchase through auction.

In 1982, Eddie Van Halen made his first guitar endorsement by partnering with Kramer to launch the 5150 Baretta model. In 1991, the guitar icon started working with Ernie Ball / Music Man and developed the Music Man EVH model guitar. This partnership lasted until 1995, and Van Halen developed his EVH brand after 2004.

Van Halen manufactured the purple Music Man EVH guitar in October 1991. He then gave this guitar as a personal gift to Brad Whitford, Aerosmith’s rhythm and co-lead guitarist. Whitford used this guitar between 1991 and 2017, and it appeared in various live performances of Aerosmith that took place during that period.

Whitford’s guitar tech acquired the guitar from the guitarist and inspected it. He then adjusted its neck, polished the frets, installed new strings, and oiled the fretboard. So, the guitar is now as good as new. Besides, it’s in excellent working condition without any issues.

Whitford’s Music Man EVH guitar is available for the fans to purchase via Reverb for $25,674. It’s identified with an Aerosmith inventory tag, including a hardshell case, a custom Aerosmith guitar pick Whitford used, and a certificate of authenticity Whitford himself signed.