John 5 Reflects On Working With KISS Drummer Peter Criss

Guitarist John 5 recently gave an interview to in which he expressed his feelings about working with Peter Criss, who is known as KISS’ former drummer.

Apart from working with many successful artists like David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson, or Rob Zombie, John 5 is also a successful solo artist. Back in 2004, he began recording instrumental records for his album’ Vertigo,’ and from then on, he has released a new solo album almost every following year.

John 5 has worked with many guest artists throughout his solo career. For instance, Albert Lee appeared in his ‘Songs For Sanity’ while his other records featured Steve Vai, Jim Root, and Joe Satriani. ‘Sinner,’ his latest album released on October 29, 2021, included the contributions of Dave Mustaine and Peter Criss. An avid KISS fan and collector, John 5 revealed how he felt about working with Criss in a recent interview with

As the guitarist said, the cover of ‘Georgia On My Mind’ features Criss’ drumming. He stated that the drummer is among his favorite people on earth, and he willingly wanted to collaborate with him on the song. Moreover, John 5 said that Peter Criss played the drums for the song effortlessly as if it was like breathing to him. According to John 5, it was because Criss loves jazz, and one can notice jazz licks in lots of early KISS songs.

In the interview with, John 5 said the following:

“The last cover is ‘Georgia On My Mind,’ which is one of my favorites, featuring Peter Criss. Peter’s one of my favorite people on this earth; he loves jazz. I was just going to finish it out with like a solo guitar, jazz guitar, and I said, ‘Pete, would you play on this song?’. He said, ‘Sure, I’d love to.’

Man, I tell you, he sat down at those drums and just played it effortlessly. It was like breathing to him because he loves jazz, and you can hear in a lot of those early KISS songs – those are jazz licks in there. And then we caught him talking a little bit before we started recording. We used a little bit of that.”

You can listen to ‘Georgia On My Mind’ below.