Ed Sheeran Shares A Tutorial Video To Show How To Use Loop Pedal To Perform ‘Bad Habits’

In his recent Instagram post, Ed Sheeran has shown how he uses his loop pedal to perform his latest single ‘Bad Habits’ in a tutorial video.

Ed Sheeran has released his new single ‘Bad Habits’ on June 25, 2021, together with a music video for the song. In the well-received music video, Sheeran was seen adopting a brand new vampire-themed look wearing fake teeth and makeup. After waiting for a long time for new content, fans received the single and music video with great excitement as ‘Bad Habits’ marked Sheeran’s return back to music.

As seen in the video Sheeran has recently posted on Instagram, he gives instructions on how to play ‘Bad Habits’ using the loop pedal. Stating that this is how he creates Bad Habits live on a loop station in the video, Ed Sheeran shows the process of him playing the song live as he shows how he uses his loop pedal along with his guitar and keyboard.

Ed Sheeran wrote in the post that:

“Here’s how I use my loop pedal to perform Bad Habits.”

‘Bad Habits,’ Ed Sheeran’s new single continues to go for the top of the charts. Being placed at number 2 on Billboard’s Global 200, the single marks his first Global 200 top 10 since the beginning of the chart.

You can watch the music video of ‘Bad Habits’ on Youtube below.