Ed Sheeran Is Proud To Finally Release The Song He Overthought For Years

Ed Sheeran recently shared the song he had overthought for years before making up his mind to release it in his upcoming album through a pleasant statement via Instagram.

The singer shared a peek from the single in question while celebrating himself for finally and fully embracing his current artistic perception along with the mindful place he’s at right now. Sheeran then discussed how he had been overthinking how to release his upcoming record for a while, finally feeling satisfied enough to release the first piece of music from this self-debated album.

Sheeran shared the track’s name, ‘Eyes Closed,’ and announced it was out now for anyone to enjoy while also noting his wish that his fans would like the song as much as he did. The singer also disclosed the release date of his next album, ‘Subtract,’ promising it would be out on May 5.

Ed’s words on releasing ‘Eyes Closed’ and overthinking his upcoming album for a while:

“This song means the absolute world to me; it’s the start of an album I’d been overthinking for years, and feel like I’ve finally made the perfect representation of where I am right now. I’m so excited for the next stage, and today marks the beginning of that. I hope this song connects with you the way it feels to me when I sing it; I really, really love it. ‘Eyes Closed’ out now; ‘Subtract’ out May 5.”

It’s apparent that Sheeran is pleased with how his album turned out to be after overthinking it for, what we might possibly imagine, years. Still, it’s undoubtedly nice to see an artist overcoming their doubts and choosing to release a forthcoming album to embrace the current state of their careers.