The Reason Joe Walsh Called Taylor Hawkins ‘Spoiled Brat’


Taylor Hawkins was known for his side project ‘Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders’ and for being the drummer of Foo Fighters. Hawkins formed the band in 2004 with Chris Channey, Gannin Arnold, and Nate Wood. As the drummer and vocalist of the band, Hawkins released three albums. The last one before Hawkins’ death, ‘Get the Money,’ was released on November 8, 2019.

Many impactful names from the rock scene, such as Roger Taylor, Nancy Wilson, and Joe Davison, contributed to the album as guest musicians. The Eagles’ Joe Walsh was another name who became a part of this album. Joe Walsh, Chrissie Hynde, and Duff McKagan became a team for the title track. Walsh became the song’s inspiration besides playing the guitar for his fellow musician.

How Did Joe Walsh Inspire Taylor Hawkins?


In a past interview, Taylor Hawkins revealed how a conversation between him and Joe Walsh inspired him to write lyrics for the title track ‘Get the Money.’ As Hawkins mentioned, he told Walsh about how tired he was and missed his family while on tour.

Thereupon, Walsh recalled the time he was complaining about touring with Eagles while talking to B.B. King, as Hawkins stated. B.B. King told Walsh that he should think about the money he gained from touring. After Walsh talked about this memory, he called Hawkins a ‘spoiled brat‘ by indicating that he should be grateful for having financial stability instead of complaining.

Taylor Hawkins shared his conversation with Joe Walsh:

“Well, that song was inspired by something Joe said to me when I was on tour, whining about how tired I was. He basically told me a story about B.B. King. ‘I was lucky enough to know B.B. King, and he said to me, I was whining about being on the road with the Eagles, and he says, ‘Are you making money, Joe? You got a nice house, Joe. Then get the money.’ And when I called Joe to cry about being on tour for too long and, ‘My legs are tired, my hands are tired, I miss my kids,’ and all that stuff, he said, ‘You know, get the money and shut the hell up, you spoiled brat.'”

Hawkins added that the inspiration for the title track’s lyrics came from this conversation with Joe Walsh. After this, the drummer thought about being a rock star and behaving like a child. As he mentioned, being a rocker sometimes made them forget that they are adults in his conversation with Joe Walsh.

The drummer continued in the same interview:

“That’s what the lyrics are, literally about myself and watching a few people in my band. ‘You’re a spoiled brat, and you act like you deserve this crap. You’re a grown man acting like a child.’ That can happen, especially to rock ‘n’ roll musicians on the road. I love that Liam Gallagher thing where he makes the tea for himself, ‘I used to have people do this for me,’ you know what I mean? I think he’s got a tea maker now; he’s got two nights sold out at the O2. I’m so happy for him.”

‘Get the Money’ became the third and final album by Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders due to the tragic passing of Hawkins. The record features ten songs, including ‘I Really Blew It’ and ‘Middle Child,’ for which the band recorded music videos.

You can listen to ‘Get the Money’ below.