Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon Doesn’t Get Bothered By People Not Caring About Him

The longer you’re a part of the industry, the less it becomes a spectacle every time you step outside your home. Most artists have no private life during their prime years, as they are followed by paps and make the headlines in every tabloid. However, as the years go by, it becomes easier to be a part of the crowd without anyone even glancing at you. During a recent conversation with BBC Sounds’ Kerry McLean, Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon shared his views on the matter.

“I go on the bus; I go on the train,” said Simon while speaking about his current lifestyle where he can do everyday tasks without getting stares. “I, you know, there’s always a conversation; yeah, it’s easy for me. I mean, I’m sure people recognize me, but they really don’t care, which is fine.”

“It’s kind of got to that stage now people really care when you’re on stage in front of them or on TV. Then it’s significant,” added the vocalist. “A lot of the time, you sort of, you know, it’s very easy to blend into the background; it’s a skill that one develops and learns as one gets older.”

For many artists that peaked during the late ’70s early ’80s, even though they hold their ground and represent a time in music, they don’t feel the same frenzy surrounding their names. It’s not that absurd, considering the industry’s current state, where a new performer pops up every two seconds. However, the fans of the singers of that era still appreciate them for what they have brought to the scene over the years.