Duran Duran Face Criticism Over Cybertruck Photo: ‘They Didn’t Get Paid To Post It’

Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon and John Taylor faced criticism this week after they posted a photo of themselves next to a Tesla Cybertruck.

On May 21, the new wave duo shared the image on their Threads account, with the caption:

“You’ll never forget your first Tesla Cybertruck.”

Shortly after posting, the image received backlash from Threads users. Many of those users held anti-Elon Musk views.

A user didn’t hold back and wrote:

“You’ll never forget it because it’s garbage.”

Another wrote:

“I love DD but this was a major lapse in their judgment.”

The post has now been deleted.

The Response To The Backlash

In response to the backlash, a representative of the band Katy Krassner clarified the misunderstanding. She said the band didn’t get paid to post it and they just thought it would be funny to do so:

“They stood in front of a friend’s truck because they thought it was funny. It wasn’t theirs. They didn’t get paid to post it. We certainly misjudged how strong the reaction would be.”

See the photos below.