Duff McKagan Compares Playing Bass To Playing Guitar And Drums

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan recently made an appearance on Bass Freq’s Podcast and compared bass playing to guitar playing and drumming.

Duff McKagan rose to prominence mainly with his tenure in the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses. He played bass in the band for over twelve years and achieved international success. The musician had played for GN’R since their formation in 1985 but left the band in 1997. However, McKagan rejoined them in 2016 and has stayed with them ever since.

Duff is a musician who is quite versatile. He is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, capable of playing the bass, guitar, and drums. Apart from his career in GN’R, the musician also pursued a solo career and performed with numerous bands for several projects.

Speaking to Bass Freq’s Podcast, McKagan talked about the instruments he plays. The musician stated that he is fascinated by the bass more than any other instrument. He praised Slash’s guitar playing and said he appreciates outstanding drummers and singers. Duff then talked about Axl Rose’s singing and praised him as well.

Moreover, the talented musician again claimed that the bass is a fascinating instrument, and he is very fortunate to play it. He said he played guitar and drums at times during his career but admitted he is most comfortable with bass.

Duff McKagan stated in the interview that:

“I’m fascinated by the bass more than anything else. And I get to watch Slash, who’s a master, I played with him for so long and have seen him grow and progress. He’s really into the blues solo and it’s legit. It’s not like him trying to copy some blues guy, Slash is the real thing. And I really appreciate all that, and I appreciate really good drummers and really good singers. And I also get to watch Axl Rose, who’s a master, fight for every vowel and find places in his body to push.

But bass is just a super fascinating instrument to me, and I’m really fortunate that that’s what I play, and I get to go out and practice what I preach doing that. I love playing guitar, I have my bands where I play guitar, I did get back into playing drums during Covid, it’s killer playing drums but I think I’m the most comfortable, the most in my skin playing bass by far.”

You can check out the rest of the interview below.