Doc McGhee Credits Ace Frehley And Peter Criss For KISS’ Existence

Doc McGhee, KISS’ longtime manager, recently joined Mike Brunn to discuss whether there would be any surprise appearances on the act’s current farewell tour and why KISS wouldn’t be where it’s today without Ace Frehley or Peter Criss.

McGhee’s surely excited for the ongoing tour since only the final fifty dates remain on the schedule. It’s been a good and long run with KISS, but maybe, it’s time to call it quits for good… or at least, for a while, since most rock acts are infamous with farewell tours and carry on long after the said-final tour wraps up.

Well, Gene Simmons recently even hinted at the possibility of Las Vegas shows, so no one can be too sure whether we’ll really get to see the ‘end of the road.’ However, this doesn’t change the fact that the tour is still of importance for KISS, so when the host asked whether there would be any surprise appearances from past members such as Bruce Kulick, McGhee wasn’t as keen on the subject.

He discussed how people often felt overshadowed by KISS’ onstage makeup and costumes, therefore mostly opting not to perform with them. So, for Bruce, who didn’t wear any costume on stage, it wouldn’t be ideal to take the stage. Doc then noted he thought of the band as a Super Bowl team, pointing out how football teams didn’t have guest quarterbacks or wide receivers. So, a guest appearance was also a distant possibility.

The manager then noted that the original four members of KISS were the essential elements who brought and carried the act to where they are today, forming a prominent reputation as rock heroes. So, without Ace, Peter, or the iconic duo, Simmons-Stanley, there would be no success for the act, and they paid homage to the former guitarist and drummer through onstage tributes.

Doc on whether there would be surprise appearances on the tour and how Ace and Peter were important:

“Look, we are not a jam band. Historically, we don’t have anybody come up and play with us. We play KISS songs, and we’re seven feet tall, [and] we’re monsters, and we’re the superheroes on stage, and people don’t really like to get out with us because they look like midgets. So, it’s a different animal. I mean, we’re like the Super Bowl… the team plays football, they don’t have guest star quarterbacks, guest star wide receivers, guest stars this and that.

We play KISS; we tribute people on stage, their songs, videos, all that stuff; that’s all great because that’s part of our heritage, and again, there’s no way that KISS could have been where they’re today without Ace, and Peter, and Gene and Paul at the beginning for sure, and there’s no way that we could be where we’re at today with all four it’s just, that’s just the way it goes, it’s just nutrition.”

So, it’s apparent that although McGhee noted the importance of the former members, Ace and Peter, it seemed that the band would wrap up the farewell shows with their current lineup without any appearances from past members. Still, they knew how to pay tribute to those glorious early days of KISS and remember what each past member brought into the act.