Zakk Wylde Praises Phil Anselmo’s Vocals In Pantera

The guitarist Zakk Wylde shared his thoughts on the Pantera reunion and the current performance of the band members. During a recent interview with Loudwire, the guitarist shared his admiration for Anselmo’s vocals and recalled seeing the band in smaller venues in their earlier years. Wylde shared:

“Rex is killing it every night, Phil’s crushing it every night, vocal voice, I mean, it’s just we’re happy for the fellas. It’s a beautiful thing celebrating the guys and all the beautiful memories it brings back. The people that saw them back in the day. I saw them back in the day, I was them in a small club, and it was insane, just how amazing they were, just like how you just knew it was something special.”

Wylde also acknowledged how special it is to see and listen to the music live and shared a memory from his childhood:

“So just for all the people to see the memories of that and for all the young kids that never got a chance to see Dime and Vinnie, when because they were either five years old- because I never got a chance to see [Led Zeppelin] back in the day so to be going out and seeing Jason Bonham playing with John Paul, Jimmy, and Robert and seeing that music live is a beautiful thing.”

According to the guitarist, the band’s current situation can’t be considered a reunion. He earlier made it clear that the way he sees the band is friends getting together and honoring their buddies, rather than a reunion. He also addressed the comments of the fans claiming it’s not Pantera anymore, by stating that he doesn’t see it that way either and that it’s a celebration of the band and all the mountains they conquered.

Pantera is now on the road for shows, and on November 3, they will perform the last two shows of this year’s opening for Metallica, followed by five scheduled shows the next year.

You can listen to the whole interview here.