Disturbed’s David Draiman Shares An Offer For Justin Bieber

Most artists in the industry dabble with drugs, and some, like Disturbed’s David Draiman, are open about using and how it helps their creative process. In his recent tweet, the lead vocalist took it to the next level by challenging Justin Bieber to a smoke-off in Amsterdam.

He wrote, “Hey Justin Bieber, I hear you’re in Amsterdam! So am I! I challenge you to a smoke-off!” The next day a fan tweeted about how the singer’s request for a smoke-off had made the headlines on metal news sites. Draiman quickly replied, “Teaches me a lesson about tweeting stoned. But seriously, I’d smoke with him.”

Draiman, who tweeted to Bieber stone, concluded the streak of tweets during the band’s Amsterdam trip by sharing that they were getting back into training mode for the upcoming tour. He wrote, “Well, Amsterdam, it’s been a blast. Time to head back home, get back ‘on the horse,’ and start training again for the upcoming Disturbed touring cycle starting this spring.”

So if you’ve been keeping up with Draiman or the band, the guys have been updating fans with IG posts and on Twitter about their Amsterdam trip. One of the things that came out of regular updates was a stoned frontman’s offer to Bieber for a smoke-off. You never know when something like this will happen, so to ensure you won’t miss these moments, keep up with the band, especially David Draiman!