Depeche Mode Will Never Get Over Andy Fletcher’s Passing, Dave Gahan Admits

Depeche Mode lost their beloved bandmate and friend, Andy Fletcher last May, and with the band’s new album coming out in a matter of weeks, Dave Gahan shared with KROQ that the band will never be the same and he will never be able to fully overcome his passing.

The keyboardist ‘Fletch’ passed away after suffering an aortic dissection at his home last spring at the age of 60. Although he passed naturally and without suffering, it was a shock to everyone that knew him, especially his long-time bandmates Dave and Martin [Gore], who are still in the process of coming to terms with losing a part of themselves.

Gahan shared that after losing someone, especially when you have been doing life together for so long, it is really not possible to get over it and move on. Music has always had their back and has helped in the healing process, but he is sure that life won’t ever be the same.

Dave Gahan’s words about Andy Fletcher’s passing read:

“When you lose someone, it’s something you learn to deal with; you don’t really get over it. I mean, in my experience of losing people close to me. And Fletch is someone we’ve spent the best part of our adult lives with – day in and day out, sometimes for years together, at any particular time, and that has changed forever.”

He added:

“I think we’re still learning how to come to terms with that. And the music, as with anything with life, has helped and is always part of that change and that acceptance and journey of life. Music is something that is very important to Martin and I, and it has been throughout all of our lives.”

The band is gearing up for their new album release coming March 24th titled ‘Memento Mori.’ The release of the new single ‘Ghosts Again’ got their fans excited about what’s to come from this new era. This time around of releasing an album has a sour taste as the remaining members have to continue their music journey acknowledging the loss of Fletcher.