Myles Kennedy Compares Working With Slash In His Solo Band And Playing With Alter Bridge


Alter Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy talked about the differences between playing with Slash on his solo band and Alter Bridge during a recent appearance on Appetite For Distortion.

In the conversation, Myles mentioned that Alter Bridge has lots of anthemic metal, and even features metal in some of the songs, but playing with Slash is much more relying on the blues genre.

Furthermore, Myles revealed the differences in the songwriting process and said that Slash brings riffs and progression into the music, and Myles is putting the melody and lyrics on it.

On the other hand, Myles is one of the people who is making the music part as well as the melodic parts in Alter Bridge, and that’s how they put the songs together in the band.

Here is what Myles Kennedy said:

“So with Alter Bridge, there’s definitely more of an anthemic metal, there’s even metal at times, it’s heavier.

With Slash, it’s definitely more blues-based. And so between those two, the other thing besides the fact that they’re different in that respect is the process.

So with Slash, he’ll bring in the music, they’ll have the riffs, and the chord progression, and occasionally I’ll say, ‘Hey, have you thought about taking this chord progression and putting it here instead? Or add these chords here…'”

He continued:

“But for the most part, he’s doing that and then my job is to put the melody and put the lyric to it.

Whereas with Alter Bridge, Mark and I come together with our own music parts and melodic parts, and we put the songs together that way.

So it’s a different process. With the solo realm, it’s really a matter of trying to be… well, I’m doing it all.”

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