Def Leppard Singer Joe Elliott’s Extraordinary Funeral Idea

Joe Elliott has been working with Def Leppard as the band’s lead singer since its formation in 1977. The vocalist gained recognition throughout his career with the band for his raspy and wide-ranging singing voice. He is currently one of the two original members still working with the group.

During his appearance on Kylie Olsson’s ‘Music And Me’ podcast in 2018, Joe Elliott revealed what he had in mind for his funeral. As it seems, the singer wants particular songs to be played at his burial, and his choices are a little bit extraordinary.

The Songs Joe Elliott Wants People To Hear At His Funeral

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band was a rock band formed in 1972. The band’s music style ranged from experimental jazz to glam rock, featuring Alex Harvey, Zal Cleminson, Chris Glen, Hugh McKenna, and Ted McKenna in its lineup. Their song ‘Anthem’ is featured in the album ‘The Impossible Dream’ and is a glam rock song and opens with a clear drum roll.

In addition, Mott The Hoople is a rock band still active in the music scene since its formation in 1969. David Bowie wrote ‘All The Young Dudes’ for them, and the song became an anthem of glam rock after its release. Although Bowie argued the song carried a darker message of the apocalypse, many thought it was a hymn to the youth or a gay anthem.

Unlike the other two, Mott The Hoople’s ‘Rest In Peace’ is more suitable to be played at a funeral. The song is a ballad sung from the perspective of a person who recently passed away. It appears on the B-side of the album ‘The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll,’ but it’s not that popular among Mott The Hoople’s other releases.

How Does Joe Elliott Want His Funeral To Be?

In 2018, Joe Elliott appeared on the first episode of Kylie Olsson’s ‘Music And Me’ podcast for an interview. During the conversation, Olsson asked Elliott the songs he would like to have played at his funeral. In his response, Elliott revealed that he would want The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s ‘Anthem,’ Mott The Hoople’s ‘All The Young Dudes,’ and ‘Rest In Peace.’

Elliott said that he might even record his versions and get them to be played at his burial. According to the singer, playing Monty Python’s ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ is quite ordinary, but he wants to play ironic songs that would make those who weep during the ceremony burst into laughter.

The vocalist then elaborated on his remarks and said ‘All The Young Dudes’ and ‘Anthem’ are great songs, and although the former doesn’t sound like a death march, ‘Anthem’ has a drum roll, piano, and bagpipes that resemble one. Moreover, Elliott stated these songs would be great to see his ashes blow off into the distance.

Asked which songs he would want to have played at his funeral, Joe Elliott said the following to Kylie Olsson:

“Well, I’ve already written it into my will that I want ‘Anthem’ by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band; ‘All The Young Dudes,’ of course, by Mott The Hoople; and probably ‘Rest In Peace’ by Mott The Hoople, which is an obvious choice, but it’s just a great song.

I might even record my version and get them to play me doing it. Yeah, play my funeral. It’s been overdone to play things like Monty Python’s ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ because it’s been done. But I will probably throw in some ironic song that will make the ones that are sniffling burst into laughter.”

He then continued:

“I’ve got to throw something mad in there; I don’t know what it is yet. But ‘Dudes’ and ‘Anthem,’ because they’re grand. Well, ‘Dudes’ doesn’t sound like a death march, but ‘Anthem’ by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band has the drum roll and the piano, and then the bagpipes come in and take you out. It’s almost like a New Year’s Eve song; it’s Scottish. And it sounds like a great song to see my ashes blow off into the distance, hopefully in quite a few years.”

As it turns out, the Def Leppard icon has already chosen the songs for his funeral, which aren’t ordinary. Except for ‘Rest In Peace,’ these songs are rock hits that aren’t sorrowful. According to the interview, Elliott even thinks about recording his versions to ‘play his funeral.’

You can listen to ‘Anthem,’ ‘All The Young Dudes,’ and ‘Rest In Peace’ below.